Can I really pour 3″ deep in one pour using THE DEEP – Deep Pour Epoxy?

Absolutely you can.

Heres the secrets to deep pours, the deeper you are pouring, the cooler it should be in the room. Heat will play a big roll in how fast it cures and if it gets too hot in certain areas.

The best way to explain it is like this… Lets say you are pouring a river in a table thats 5 ft long, and 3 inches deep but the actual width of the river is thin, then you will want to drop your temperature in the room to around 65-70 degrees. The thinner the area, the hotter its going to get. If you were to pour that same length table but the width of the river was like 5 inches or wider, then you can keep your temps at the recommended 75-80 degrees and not worry about the epoxy overheating.

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